14 thoughts on “Make your Predictions – Win a Prize!

  1. amy torrence

    Payton will be making a submission, too, since there is nothing in the fine print contest rules about "one entry per household" 🙂

  2. Paul, Kim and Camile Phillips

    Knowing how athletic both of you are, the Phillips go with the following:
    Length: 20 Inches (that goes for his first long jump effort as well, at age 18 months)
    Weight: 7 lbs 8 0z
    Date & Time: 08/06/06 14:42 (that’s 2:42 p.m.)

  3. Nathan and Barbara

    Love your description of labor and beforehand and didn’t even flinch when you talked about your cervix 🙂

  4. Jonathan Engelman

    By approximating the oblique density, dividing by the square root of Newton, and subtracting 2 from the normal warming patterns of a pregnant females womb in the year 2006 – I have come to the following conclusions on Trey…

  5. Payton Torrence

    The Torrences had to stretch the intent of the contest rules…the stakes are just too high. William and Heidi art??? Awesome! Gotta maximize our chances.

  6. Robin Sarigumba

    Poor Heidi! I hope the Aug 17th prediction is wrong! I would not wish that on anyone. Trust me. Going overdue is no day in the park! I guessed Aug 3rd since it was my mom’s birthday!

  7. Erin Hale Burnett

    Sorry for predicting after the due date, I hope for your sake it is earlier. Good luck with everything, and I a looking forward to the pictures.

  8. Rachel

    H & W,

    I’ve elected 8/12 so we can potentially celebrate 2 great events on that day… and 5:20 pm as our little secret 🙂
    Loved the beach pictures, you guys. You look marvelous, Heidi!

  9. Kathy Little

    I’ve not met you guys but I feel like I know you! I’m Matthew Little’s Mom and Wes’ Mother-in-law. I am a huge fan of your creativity and have enjoyed watching the progress of little Trey. I can’t wait to see all the baby pictures that will be forthcoming. You think you take lots of pictures now….you ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait till you’ve got that adorable baby that’s changing every single day. One just can’t take enough pictures of a baby!

  10. Kurtis Mohr

    Hmmmmm. considering I was in Colombia for the past 2 months delivering babies, I’ll make my predicitions in centimeters and grams.
    50 cm lengh
    3550g for weight.
    What more? Due date? When was your last period? Let’s say Aug. 9th! 11:41 AM Best of luck!

  11. kenneth green

    is "trey" in reference to his being the 3rd genius in the haun family.
    the self centered uncle is sure little roger will be born on his own birthday 08/18/… im sorry you will have to wait an extra 10 days
    also he will be green. he will be 29 inches long – once again sister sorry for the inconvenience. accordingly his weight will be 7lbs 7oz, and he will be born at 8:18 a.m. buster and i are excited beyond words – and we cant wait to check out the underwater baby smoke comps.

  12. sis Rachel

    i voted selfishly for Trey to be born on Aug. 21 because i don’t want to miss it while i’m out of the country, but Heidi don’t mean to make your sentence so long!! so in a way i hope i’m wrong. but i hope i’m right too. love you!

  13. joe potter

    I am sure we will hear the baby’s cry all the way down here, mixed with your cries of joy too.

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