Noah’s Ark Visit

After I picked Trey up from the airport we stopped by Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove on the way home. Trey remembered the fun he had last time running with the ostrich and headed straight to its pen. After about an hour of wandering around the park, we got back in the car and headed […]

Another Visit to Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove

Nothing beats FREE. That’s why we love Noah’s Ark, the animal rehabilitation center about 45 minutes north of us. Trey and I swung by there on our way to McDonough where I needed to pick up some art supplies. Here are some of his pictures followed by mine. Below you’ll also find a fun video […]

Noah’s Ark with Allister & Mike

One of our favorite (FREE) local spots to visit is Noah’s Ark up in Locust Grove. This time we met up with Trey’s buddy Allister and her daddy (and my buddy) Mike. We had never been to the animal rehab on a weekend and it was packed! After a short picnic together we toured the […]

McBrides at Noah’s Ark

One of the best Middle Georgia attractions for fun, free entertainment for kids is Noah’s Ark (we visited it last fall). Before Shane, Mitzi, and fam headed back to East Tennessee we dropped in on the birds & beasts at this animal shelter. The alligators were a big hit with Zack McBride and Trey really […]

Noah’s Ark

Today Trey and I visited an animal rehabilitation center south of Atlanta called Noah’s Ark. If you read the “What is an Ark” section of their website they do a great job of explaining why they choose their name. It isn’t just because they have lots of animals and the Biblical Ark had lots of […]

Trey in Richmond

Trey has been having a great time in Richmond with his grandparents. One night, two journeymen joined the Hauns for dinner. ¬†Trey had a great time entertaining them while playing with drums and a wooden Noah’s ark set. Later during the week, Roger took Trey to work with him. I think he actually put Trey […]