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Heidi’s Portrait Session with Trey

For Christmas I got Heidi the impressive Pencil for her iPad to (hopefully) get her back into drawing and sketchy despite her busy schedule. Trey has also been interested in giving it a spin. Today he had Heidi sit down for a portrait session in which he drew her on the iPad. He took it very seriously and after finishing his masterpiece he showed it to her and proudly said, “You’re so beautiful.”

Trey has Heidi sit for a portrait session

A Portrait of Heidi by Trey

Trey Drawings: Human Anatomy

Science is the latest thing Trey has really gotten into. At school he’s been checking out books from the library on animals and natural disasters. More recently, he’s been really interested in the human body thanks to a really cool anatomy app we got on the iPad. Below is an anatomy illustration he did at school. There sure are lots of bones in those hands!

A Trey drawing of the human anatomy

The next drawing is of a special glove he designed that shoots lasers.

Laser glove (left) - Bones in hand (right)

Super Trey Drawings

Trey’s pal Suri comes over sometimes after school to hang out and play. One day they each took a turn drawing their vision of what Trey would look like as a super hero. Here are the results: