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Engelman Visit to Cordele

With William gone for a week in East Africa, I invited my sister Annie to come up to Cordele to keep me company and help me take care of Trey. She came up with her boys, Oliver (5) and Elliot (20mo). She picked up Trey from school for me and was great company to have around. The boys had a great time playing together…although at times were more like brothers than cousins. On the day before Easter, we dyed eggs and had an indoor egg hunt (due to the rain outdoors)! Fun times!

Trey Instagrammed (Feb-April 2014)

Upward Sports Soccer

Trey has never done any organized sports before. He loves playing outside and is extremely active but we’ve never been able to commit the time to a league with practices and games. With our upcoming move to Africa we figured he needed a good primer in the rules of football – yea, I said it real football.

Upward Sports is one of the best options out there for organized sports that aren’t focused on competition. Their focus is instead on Christian character building.

After initially complaining about going to practice, Trey told me after his first Upward practice that he loved it. “But…,” he said, “I don’t think games will be as fun.” After his first game? “When is our next game?”

Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

We headed up to Macon this weekend for a visit to “the pinkest party” on earth – the annual Cherry Blossom Festival! I grabbed Trey’s “bestest buddy” and we spent the afternoon riding fair rides and running around Central City Park.

The boys wore their ninja masks the whole time and fought off imaginary bad guys. The only slowed down on the bumper cars – something they had a hard time figure out how to drive. We’ll wait a few years before handing any keys over to those boys.

Suri’s 8th Birthday Party

Trey’s friend Suri invited up to Macon for her 8th birthday party. Trang, her mom, made an impressive Barbie princess cake for the occasion. They also had an impressive feast of Vietnamese food for everyone to enjoy. We all left with our bellies about to burst!

Fighting Bad Guys in Cordele

Trey has a neighborhood girl friend who goes to his school and is quite the tomboy. She loves fighting imaginary bad guys with him (often in costume) and playing superheroes. She comes over some school day afternoons and they have a blast running around the yard together. They took these photos themselves one afternoon this week.