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Thanksgiving (without daddy)

This is a bit late but we have some photos from Thanksgiving that we thought we should post.  Heidi and Trey were in Nalerigu, Ghana and I was in Soko, Cote d’Ivoire.

The Hewitt kids made some Thanksgiving decorations out of clay.  Trey enjoyed destroying the little clay turkey.

William was at the Robertson’s house and was joined by Freewill Baptist missionaries from Bondoukou: the Andersons  and Alice Smith.

Trey’s First Haircut

Trey after his first haircut

We decided that it was finally time to give Trey his first haircut. His hair was sticking out over his ears and down into his eyes. Heidi cutting Trey’s hair while he is distracted with ice creamI didn’t want to cut off his cute little curl in the back, but I had heard one too many people comment about Trey’s “mullet.” Tonight, he was in a great mood and since William will only be home for a few days, I thought tonight was a good night. I was a little apprehensive about putting scissors so close to Trey’s head, so we found the perfect distraction. Ice cream. He dug right in to the “Fan Ice.” I just hope we didn’t give him a stomach ache. Continue reading