Vacation at Amelia Island (2012 edition)

This year marked our third visit to Amelia Island, thanks again to the generosity of some friends with a beach house in Fernandina Beach. We spent four days on the island and were unfortunately hit by a stomach bug that knock us out for about two of those days. We still managed to get some […]

Headed to Amelia Island for some vacation time

Two years ago we spent some vacation time on Amelia Island at a friend’s place. This year we’re headed back for some more time on the beach and time off of work. We head out tonight and won’t be back until next Sunday. We’re also planning to swing through Columbia, South Carolina to spend some […]

Amelia Island Vacation Video

One of Trey’s favorite things on our vacation was the bike rides. My camcorder is in the shop so I took thousands of photos from my still camera in burst mode to record one of our bike excursions along the beach. Also, Trey insists that you not make fun of him in the pink girl’s […]

Fort Matanzas National Monument

On our trip out West in 2010, Trey racked up quite a few “Junior Ranger” badges at National Parks and Monuments. The most recent ones we’ve visited are Congaree and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. Whenever we plan a vacation, I scour our routes to see if there are any new NPS sites we can […]

Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL

As we did two years ago, while on vacation back in April we visited downtown Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island late one afternoon around sunset. We saw a dolphin in the bay again and Trey was thrilled to have seen it, even if it was just for a split second.