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Trey + Otis

Macon is the hometown of the late, great Otis Redding. He died tragically at the young age of 27, but had already earned the title of “King of Soul.” Downtown at Gateway Park there is a statue of Otis that Trey is quite fond of. When ever we go down to the park to ride his bike he wants to go across the river to see Otis.

We got a “Best of Otis” album and I’m trying to help him make a connection between his favorite statue and the musical genius it honors.


Biking the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

We’ve only recently started taking advantage of the great trail in downtown Macon along the Ocmulgee River. The park’s paved trail is currently nine miles long, with plans to expand it to 22.

Trey loves to ride his bike along the path and Heidi and I enjoy the exercise we get chasing after him (he’s getting fast).

Here are some photos from two recent visits we took to the trail.

Amerson Water Works Park with the Grandparents

The last day my parents were in town we all went to Macon’s Amerson Water Works Park (where we celebrated Trey’s 4th birthday). Contrary to what its title may imply, it is not a water park and the only water around is the nearby Ocmulgee River – in fact, the park is so new that it doesn’t even have drinking water fountains or restrooms.

What it does have is Macon’s only handicap accesible playground; which was great for my brother Philip. Philip was able to enjoy the swing set and even get to the slides.

Trey spent the entire time playing with his newly acquired remote control cars. Not just driving them around the playground but down the slides where they would crash and roll at the bottom (to his squeals of delight).

Macon Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Trey’s second (of three) 4-year birthday party. We had friends from around Macon join us at the Amerson Water Works Park in northeast Macon. The highlight of the party was definitely the piñata. It took Trey’s muscle man friend Griffin to decapitate it for the kids to access its candy innards.

Despite the heat, the kids had fun on the great playground at that park. After the festivities several of us headed over to Pho Saigon, Macon’s best (and only) Vietnamese restaurant. We’ve become friends with the owner/chef Bruce and his daughter Suri and Trey are buddies too. Suri, her dad, and baby sister even joined us earlier at the park.

More Crosby Fun

Adam and his boys head down the railroad track on a fun, family hike.

Adam and his boys head down the railroad track on a fun, family hike.

Everybody loves the Crosby family! They have helped us out so many times by watching Trey and letting him hang-out with his “best buddy” Causey and his arch-nemesis Hudson. Yes, I said “arch-nemesis.” Lately Trey does NOT like little kids and we’ve had problems with him being bossy, rude, and downright mean to them. When ask why he doesn’t like kids younger than him he says “They put things in their mouth” and “They drop things on the floor.” However, we’ve been working hard at teaching him patience and he’s doing a lot better.

This week we hung out with them at a park near their house and Adam took us on a hike. We went over the railroad tracks and back to the Ocmulgee River Trail. As usual, the 3 year olds had a great time simply throwing rocks in the water.