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Last Upward Soccer Game

Trey wrapped up his soccer season with his last Upward game at the Crisp County Recreation Center. We’re so glad we enrolled Trey and are thankful to First Baptist Cordele for organizing the program. Trey learned not only the rules of the game but how to be a good sport and do his best.

Trey Instagrammed (Feb-April 2014)

Upward Sports Soccer

Trey has never done any organized sports before. He loves playing outside and is extremely active but we’ve never been able to commit the time to a league with practices and games. With our upcoming move to Africa we figured he needed a good primer in the rules of football – yea, I said it real football.

Upward Sports is one of the best options out there for organized sports that aren’t focused on competition. Their focus is instead on Christian character building.

After initially complaining about going to practice, Trey told me after his first Upward practice that he loved it. “But…,” he said, “I don’t think games will be as fun.” After his first game? “When is our next game?”

Exploring in the Woods

I read a photography tip about shooting with your camera set to b/w to help you better see contrast and texture without the distraction of color. I thought I’d give a try to Trey and I took a stroll in the woods together. I ended up liking the b/w better than the color so I just left them that way.

Bonus: video of an impressive creek crossing… in color!