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Drawing with Mommy

Trey’s uncle Kenny gave him a lot of drawing supplies at Christmas and that really spurred him to start taking his art more seriously. Though the subject matter almost always deals with superheroes (Spiderman and X-men most of the time), he spends a surprising amount of time on little details.

Here are Trey and Heidi drawing together on his IKEA dry erase/chalkboard easel.

Trey’s first self-portrait sketch

At my parent’s house over Thanksgiving, Trey was drawing pictures.  I asked him to draw of picture of himself. He drew a circle for his head. Then he drew 2 eyes. I asked him to draw a smile.  He started drawing a curve for what I thought was going to be a smile, but he kept going to encircle his eyes. “I’m wearing my ninja mask, Mommy.”