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Biking the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

We’ve only recently started taking advantage of the great trail in downtown Macon along the Ocmulgee River. The park’s paved trail is currently nine miles long, with plans to expand it to 22.

Trey loves to ride his bike along the path and Heidi and I enjoy the exercise we get chasing after him (he’s getting fast).

Here are some photos from two recent visits we took to the trail.

First Visit to Massee Lane Gardens

Last week, Trey and I visited Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley, GA. The location is the headquarters of the American Camellia Society and features nine acres of flower gardens, green houses, peach and pecan orchards, and a couple small museums and galleries.

Being the dead of winter (and during a bad cold spell), it wasn’t the best time to visit and see its world-renowned flower gardens. However, I got a good idea of its potential and look forward to going back with Heidi and Trey in the spring. I’m sure it will be spectacular then.

Amerson Water Works Park with the Grandparents

The last day my parents were in town we all went to Macon’s Amerson Water Works Park (where we celebrated Trey’s 4th birthday). Contrary to what its title may imply, it is not a water park and the only water around is the nearby Ocmulgee River – in fact, the park is so new that it doesn’t even have drinking water fountains or restrooms.

What it does have is Macon’s only handicap accesible playground; which was great for my brother Philip. Philip was able to enjoy the swing set and even get to the slides.

Trey spent the entire time playing with his newly acquired remote control cars. Not just driving them around the playground but down the slides where they would crash and roll at the bottom (to his squeals of delight).

Another Visit to Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain is a favorite spot of ours. It’s a shame it isn’t closer.

Trey and I visited it last week and hiked the mountain so that I could get some sunset shots (practicing for our upcoming trip). We had a great time there but on the way home in the dark we got lost. My iPhone’s GPS wasn’t functioning properly and some road closures put us on strange roads I’d never seen. In the dark I couldn’t even tell if I was going north or south sometimes. Nonetheless, we finally made it home (around 11pm) and my little guy was passed out asleep in the car.

Centennial Olympic Park

I had to get my iPhone 3G fixed replaced at the Apple Store in Atlanta (dying battery, no wireless, unreliable GPS) and I promised Trey a treat for making the drive with me. He has never been to Centennial Park and I knew he would love the Olympic rings water fountain.

It turned out to be the WORST day of the year to go into Atlanta. DragonCon was going on, LSU was playing UNC, Decatur was having a massive book festival, and Atlanta was holding itsĀ Black Gay Pride Festival. It was very, very crowded and we saw lots of very, very odd individuals (jocks, nerds, and gays alike).

Nonetheless, the 45 minutes he played in the water were nothing but pure joy.