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Videos of and about Trey

Learning Work Ethic

Trey has been wanting to buy a certain Lego Star Wars set but his allowance money from doing household chores hasn’t quite been enough. We suggested he as the neighbors if he could do some yard work for cash. Thanks to a recent storm, two of our neighbors had tons of pine cones littering their yard. They each paid him $3 to pick them all one. It was no easy task either – one yard took him over 30 minutes to clear!

Fun in a Field

01-trey-addy-in-field-7045There’s a huge field across the street from our house where Trey loves to go play in the evenings. Lately the crop (wheat?) has begun to grow so we’ve been staying out of it. Here’s a video clip of the last time I took Trey and his friend back there to play.

8 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago today we heard the quiet but steady heartbeat of our son. He has grown so much, yet that heart continues to beat steadily – every minute of every day. What a miracle! Our Creator God is so great and so full of grace!

Trey’s Lego Movies

We all know Trey’s favorite toy is LEGOs. Lately he’s been taking his building skills and applying them to movie making thanks to the great free Lego Movie Maker app. It lets Trey use an iPhone or iPad to create stop-motion animation with his sets. Here are two of this first films. The Alligator one is really simple, but the Rex one gets more complex. He started adding sound effects and voice over to step it up.

Alligator Food

Rex vs. the Sith

Christmas Music Special at Pinecrest

This past Sunday night was the adult choir’s Christmas Special at Pinecrest. For two songs they brought out the children’s choir to perform. Trey has never been much for public performance (especially of the musical kind) but he put some effort in – especially when it came to the hand motions.