6 thoughts on “Boy or Girl? Make your Prediction

  1. jym

    This child will either be a genius "Blue Jr." or the newest member to our Primary group "Pink". I don’t think that the tempra paint is toxic so the baby should be fine. ; )

  2. mona and earl hewitt

    all the other hauns are boys…it’s time for a GIRL! can’t you hear that y-chromosome? buy PINK!

  3. Kim C.

    I have nothing to base my prediction on, having not seen how Heidi’s carrying nor being around y’all much to sense what God might have chosen for you. So I’ll go with what I HOPE it is. Boys are so much easier in my opinion. And I love the name Josiah.

  4. Ed Martin

    Whatever the kid is, it will be the most photographed and videoed kid on the face of the planet.

  5. Janice - President, Haun-s Fan Club

    I learned the best way to predict the sex of a baby from an obstetrician. He advised to find out what the parents are hoping for and "predict" the opposite. In that way, if the baby turns out to be what the parents want, they’ll be happy and forget you predicted wrong. And, if it turns out to be what the parents didn’t prefer, they’ll be more apt to remember that you predicted correctly.

  6. annie jensen

    although boys may be easier to deal with, i have so much more fun shopping for little girls! as her/his aunt, i would prefer that. sorry, willy! just remember, it is you who decided the sex. either way, i am just so happy to be an official aunt!!! also, i am planning on using josiah, so that name is off-limits. true story.

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